Friday, May 30, 2014

Leap - A Lesbian Coming Of Age Novel

Leap by Z Egloff

Summer 1979. Rowan Marks is done with high school. Next comes college. And in between there’s a yawning gulf—the last carefree summer vacation.
At least, it should be carefree. But Rowan’s older brother Ben is smoking way too much pot. Her best friend Danny is in love with her. And Catherine, the new girl in their small Ohio town, rubs her the wrong way. Well, that’s OK. Rowan can deal. She’s got it all worked out.
Then everything turns on its head. Catherine steals her heart, Danny falls out with her, and Ben crashes the family car, ripping the family secrets bare.
All of a sudden, Rowan has a stark choice—is she going to grow up or give up?

"Leap" was one of the ALA Rainbow List's top ten best LGBTQ titles from 2013. Add your review in comments!

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