Monday, August 4, 2014

Inspiration Sings To Me... #LA14SCBWI

I've been at this blog all weekend...

I just completed three days of non-stop work (and fun), blogging and leading the team of bloggers for the Society of Children's Books Writers and Illustrators 2014 Summer Conference. We've had over 43,000 page views in three-and-a-half days to the conference blog, and it's been an amazing experience.

From my own journal, here are profound moments that are still resonating for me:

Author Meg Rosoff sharing Mem Fox's goal for their book:

"that the emotional temperature of a reader has been changed by reading it."

Meg's own advice:

"Write the strongest, fiercest, most subversive thing you can write."

Agent Erin Murphy:

"For every success in publishing there is a waiting period that feels like failure."

Author Stephen Chbosky:

"The next generation of classic are literally in this room."

and again, Stephen Chbosky:

"There was never George Orwell's 1985."

Senior Editor at Booklist, Ilene Cooper, on reviews:

Remember that "Booklist didn't care for Charlotte's Web."

From the Diversity Panel:

"One of the best ways to support diverse books is to buy diverse books."

From the LGBTQ Q&A, Author Tim Federle:

"You will get push-back and you will be celebrated."

Also from the LGBTQ Q&A, Agent Danielle Smith:

"Don't be afraid to write the characters you want to write. Kids need them."

Publisher Justin Chanda:

"It's your job to write the book you want to write. That is it. And that is everything."

Illustrator Aaron Becker (or was it Journey?):

"Don't stop... Believing!"

Author Martha Brockenbrough:

"Teachers need help with Common Core." And we authors can help them.

Author Maggie Stiefvater:

"It's not write what you know. It's write what you know the essence of."

Author Meagan McDonald:

"Many a children's book is working out some childhood splinter that still pains you. That thing that pierces you and won't let you go."

Author Jim Averbeck:

When writing your book and doing research "be well organized." This will save you when you're gathering all the materials after writing it.

Director for Penguin Random House Young Reader Sales Felicia Frazier:

"The book is new for somebody every year!"

and Felicia again:

"Our failures are opportunities."

Exec. Director of Publicity for Penguin Young Readers Group Shanta Newlin:

"Every year we see more book festivals popping up." And that's a good sign.

One editor told Deborah Halverson:

"I'm not looking to reject. I'm looking to find."

Author Linda Sue Park:

"Our job is to make every word count."

Author Sharon Flake:

Being on the road, she lets kids see her insecurities. "They have to know" that you can have insecurities and still achieve great things.

Author Pat Zietlow Miller on receiving the Golden Kite Award for Picture Book Text:

"I got 126 rejections before I got my first acceptance."

Author David Meissner on receiving the Golden Kite Award for Nonfiction:

"Don't confuse your success as a writer with your own self-worth."

Author/Illustrator Tomie dePaola:

"the fame mosquito."

and Tomie again, on his favorite piece of advice:

"Be Brave."

And the final quote goes to iconic author Judy Blume:

"Writing, in many ways, saved my life."

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