Friday, September 5, 2014

Lesbian Crushes At School - A Memoir In Diary Form

Lesbian Crushes At School: A Diary by Natasha Holme

In 1983 thirteen-year-old Natasha is in love with her French teacher, Miss Williams. When Natasha is cruelly banished from Miss Williams's class forever, the love develops into obsession ... stalking ... unhealthy behaviour ... and painfully misguided cries for attention.

This uncomfortable yet light-hearted memoir in diary form is primarily a record of obsession.

Natasha is a love-sick lesbian teenager in an all-girls school in the eighties, juggling her Latin homework, Bible study, a crush on Elaine Paige, and her suppressed sexuality. How can she make sense of it all?

But more importantly ... tormented by unrequited love ... how can Natasha make Miss Williams love her back?

This is the prequel to the author's also self-published "Lesbian Crushes and Bulimia: A Diary On How I Acquired My Eating Disorder." Add your review of "Lesbian Crushes at School: A Diary" in comments!

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