Friday, December 19, 2014

And That's 2014!

A Highlight of 2014: Me and Mr. Snow White, as portrayed by Captain Lucky at BentCon 2014

What a year...

A year of hard stuff (the passing of my mother)

good stuff (getting an agent)

and lots of great books - more than 60 new LGBTQ kid and teen books! (just check out the lists in the left-hand column!)

We celebrated 17 days of LGBTQ Russian History (to counter-program the homophobia of the Sochi Olympics) and were inspired by songs, videos, and even Bar Mitzvah speeches!

We interviewed editors, re-ran the first 35 videos in our Gender 101 series, and blasted past one million page-loads, prompting the new ticker in the top-left corner of this blog -- which now proudly reads,

"Over 1.25 million served!"

It was also a year of stretching new muscles in drawing classes

A charcoal sketch of a Roman Soldier, drawn from a live model dressed up in historic costume 

and learning new things at Bent-Con - Los Angeles' LGBTQ Comic Con, where I got the scoop about Cosplay, including Cross-Playing Cosplay (playing a character in drag) and Gender-Bent Cosplay (creating the character in a new gender, like Mr. Snow White, above.)

And what's ahead in the new year?

As I took this photo of a rainbow in November 2014, someone nearby shouted, "Look! It's a double rainbow!" I looked closer, and it was!

2015 beckons with exciting new things, including:

All-New Gender 101 videos!

A New Series About Literary Agents Looking For Diversity!

And new, wonderful LGBTQ kid and teen books!

I'll be back, blogging three-times-a-week right here starting January 5th, 2015.

Until then, Happy Holidays, and here's to a fantastic and healthy New Year ahead for us all!


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