Friday, December 12, 2014

If You Give A Gay Mouse A Cookie - A Zine That I Wish Had Been Read To Me When I Was A Little Kid

"If You Give A Gay Mouse A Cookie: A Fable About Mice, Baked Goods and Civil Rights" by Celeste Christie and Steve Damewood, writing as Art For A Democratic Society

The "If you give a mouse a cookie" storyline made so famous and successful by Laura Numeroff gets a civil rights spin in this "If You Give A Gay Mouse A Cookie" 'zine, where a human character explains why "Allowing gay marriage would be a disaster!" by sharing what happens if you give a gay mouse a cookie... It could lead to all kinds of things, like...

"If Women start questioning traditional gender roles they will want jobs and economic independence."

"If free universal healthcare and civil rights are won, what's to stop undocumented immigrants from also seeking fair treatment?"

and, ultimately,

"Everyone will take to the streets to demand equality and freedom for all!"

The drawings are simple and the storyline powerful. It's actually something that resonates far beyond young childhood, and would be a great discussion prompt for GSA groups in both middle and high schools.

I love this 'zine!

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