Friday, July 3, 2015

A High School Junior Peacefully Counter-Protests Two Homophobes... And Starts A Movement!

This is so inspiring!

"TILLAMOOK, Ore. – When she noticed two men carrying signs condemning homosexuality and yelling insults at passersby outside her mother’s workplace yesterday afternoon, Tuesday, May 19, Makaila Ragan decided to fight hate with love.

“I was so irritated because I see them all around town and all they ever do is make people feel like crap about themselves,” said Ragan, a junior at Tillamook High School. The men were standing outside Eyes of Oregon, on 1st Street and Main Avenue, where her mother works. “I went inside and asked her and her boss if it would be all right if I made a poster that stands up for what I believe in,” she said. “They were totally all for it. So I made a sign that said, ‘I love Gays.’”

When the man began insulting her she didn't back down, and soon Makaila was joined by supporters. Altogether, about 45 people joined her in counter-demonstrating. They stayed at the intersection until the men left at 10:30pm.

Her mother is "so, so proud of her."

And so am I!

You can go here to read the whole story.

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