Monday, July 20, 2015

On Starting A Middle School GSA...

"I had some staff who were livid at first, because they thought it would be about sex, or us endorsing a lifestyle... But the G.S.A. isn't about that, and they've come around. This is a club that promotes safety, and it gives kids a voice. And the most amazing thing has happened since the G.S.A. started. Bullying of all kinds is way down. The G.S.A. created this pervasive anti-bullying culture on campus that affects everyone."

Kendra Wallace, Principal of Daniel Webster Middle School in Los Angeles, as quoted in the September 27, 2009 cover story in the New York Times Magazine, "Coming Out In Middle School: What Happens to 13-Year-Olds – and their friends, parents and school principals – when they announce they are gay?" by Benoit Denizet-Lewis.

This is from an article I saved and recently read again. And what Kendra said about starting the G.S.A. at her middle school is still very resonant about what G.S.A.s are and can do.

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