Friday, July 24, 2015

Remember Me - A teenage girl's life with grief, art and love (with another girl!)

Remember Me by Melanie Batchelor

Jamie Richards has lost a lot. Her father died four years ago and her mother is consumed by her career. Jamie finds an escape through her artistic passion and her first love--the one person who hasn't abandoned her, Erica Sinclair.
Overwhelmed by their own harsh realities, Jamie and Erica create a world of their own in an abandoned park--a place they call "Wonderland." Jamie idolizes Erica until the two grow closer, and she realizes that her ideal image of Erica is nothing shy of fiction. When cracks beneath the exterior become more prevalent, Jamie begins to question the love she thought she had for Erica, and if that love was ever reciprocated.
And then it happens. A shocking event occurs that changes Jamie and Erica's relationship forever. Jamie knows that there's no escaping this reality--she'll have to find a way to move forward without hiding behind her sketchbook.

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