Monday, July 27, 2015

The Balance - A Dystopian Future, Love between Two Teen Guys and a Battle For Survival

The Balance by Neal Wooten

Piri is a nineteen-year-old boy who lives in a technological metropolis that rises up above the clouds. But when an accident drops him out of the city, everything changes. At first terrified by the atrocious reality of life on the surface, including surviving gruesome creatures known as Scavs, Piri is soon mesmerized by the bond they have for one another. He also comes to understand his own feelings for Niko, the boy who
rescued him.

In the end, Piri chooses love over comfort. But things are never as they seem. When he discovers just how far the city dwellers will go to
maintain control, and the horrific truth behind an ancient and secret alliance, he will do everything he can to protect his new family—and
disrupt the balance.

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