Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Boy Scouts Lift Their Ban On Gay Scout Leaders!

BIG, exciting news!

Here's looking forward to the day when, like the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts come out with a consistent, proud message that scouting is #FOReveryKID! And now we're so much closer to that.

The New York Times article brought up that the Mormon Church is still obstructing equality, still fighting for their homophobic agenda. (And there's still a loophole for churches, where "...the new policy allows church-sponsored units to choose local unit leaders who share their precepts, even if that means restricting such positions to heterosexual men.")

But for now, in the big picture, justice has won.

I'm excited and grateful to everyone who fought for this over the years, including the Eagle Scout who left the Boy Scouts because they knew me and my husband, and the prejudice against gay members and leaders felt so wrong to them.

Now, the policy has been made right. Gay kids can participate in Boy Scouts. Gay adults can be Scout Leaders.

It's a good thing.

It's progress.


Kelsey B. said...

Great blog! I hope you don't mind if i link to you for some of my posts on my blog. I'm a H.S. Librarian and I'm always looking for great resources for my LGBTQ students. Best regards, Kelsey

Lee Wind, M.Ed. said...

Of course Kelsey, happy for you to spread the word. Your students are fortunate to have you looking out for them! Librarians rock!