Friday, October 16, 2015

Edge - Short Stories by M.E. Kerr that include a lesbian teen, a homophobic dad, and a society where sex isn't special (but ideas are)

Edge by M.E. Kerr

Three stories from the collection include LGBTQ characters/themes:

“The Fire At Far and Away”
- Gil’s dad constantly makes negative comments about Paul and Robert, a couple who spends their summers in Gil's town. Though it bothers him, he never speaks up and when Gil starts working as a housekeeper for them, Gil fears what slurs his dad will start saying to him.

‘We Might As Well All Be Strangers”
-After coming out to her Holocaust-survivor grandmother and mother, Alison deals with backlash from her mother, who is having trouble coming to terms with Alison's sexuality. As a victim of prejudice, Alison's grandmother is more accepting.

“Do You Want My Opinion?”
- John lives in a society where everyone belongs to each other — you are free to touch anyone you chose, but the sharing of opinions is looked down upon. Sex is not seen as something special to share between two people in love; rather it is the sharing of ideas that you wait for the right person for.

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