Monday, October 19, 2015

Smorgasbord - Humans discover that Vampires & Zombies are delicious (and a gay Werewolf couple who protect the main characters!)

Smorgasbord by Jagjiwan Sohal

When Anna Lopez’s zombie attack video goes viral, no one could believe that the high school cheerleader had taken a bite out of the undead monster – and liked it! Now nothing will ever be the same for supernatural beings…because humans have discovered they taste freakin’ DELICIOUS!

And when a zombie boy gets in the crosshairs of a gang of hungry-human hunters, Julie, a young vampire loner, jumps in for the rescue. But now Julie’s got more than she bargained because taking care of a rambunctious undead creature who only knows one word (“brains”) is NOT easy. And when Julie and her zombie pal stumble upon on a crazed soccer mom, they find themselves on the run from a trigger-happy family who want nothing more than to grill them up for a neighborhood barbecue bash!

What's queer about it? Two integral gay characters, a tough werewolf couple who help and protect the lead characters from their foes!

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