Friday, December 18, 2015

...And That's A Wrap! (As They Say In Hollywood) See You In 2016

It's the final post of 2015!

I'll be back starting Monday January 4, 2016 with lots more great books, interviews, resources, and diversity discussion-prompts for LGBTQ Teens and their allies.

To tide you over till then, here are ten awesome moments from 2015 to enjoy, either again or for the first time:

1. A great short video on privilege and diversity: Sometimes You're A Caterpillar, Sometimes You're A Snail

2. The Agents Looking for Diversity interviews - a dozen so far, with more to come in 2016!

3. Sam Smith thanking his ex-boyfriend at the Grammy Awards

4. The "Writing Queer Characters" series of posts, with lots of guest expert advice!

5. June 26, 2015 - My Marriage Is LEGAL everywhere in the USA! (And so are everyone else's gay and lesbian marriages!)

6. Girl Scouts is #ForEVERYGirl - a great story about standing up to prejudice and being rewarded for that!

7.  A High School Junior peacefully counter-protests two homophobes... and starts a movement!

8. The Gender Unicorn (a great tool to help think about, discuss, and understand gender.)

9. Some awesome personal news, My SCBWI Member of the Year Award and My New Job as Vice President of Digital, Communications and Community Engagement at Little Pickle Press.

10. This very gay and fun "Blank Space" music video by the group Well Strung that's a mash-up of Taylor Swift and Johann Sebastian Bach!

And one more, a bonus video that's inspiring... This high schooler's project to record people being told they're beautiful!

You're beautiful!

Thanks for being part of my--our--community here at "I'm Here. I'm Queer. What The Hell Do I Read?"

Happy Holidays!

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