Friday, December 4, 2015

Husky - A middle grade novel about changes and figuring out who you are before anyone else puts a label on you

Husky by Justin Sayre
It's the sticky end of summer and Davis' clothes don't fit him the way they used to, his best girlfriends are hanging out with cool, popular boys, and his mother is dating someone new. Davis is forced to learn some of life's most important lessons from his grandmother and the world around him about love, acceptance, and change. Most importantly, Davis has yet to realize that he is standing in front of a closet door that he will someday come out of.

At once a story about learning how to be your truest self, a love letter to Brooklyn and opera, and the fear and hardship of growing up, HUSKY leaves Davis wondering, can he change the adjective people use to describe him? And can he handle his new adjective?

My husband loved this book. I did, too. It felt true, and painful, and funny,  and most of all important to listen to a voice not often heard in our world... 

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