Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Riding The Rainbow - Two Fifth Grade Girls, One With Two Moms, The Other With Two Dads, Deal With Bullying, A Kidnapping, And A Moment Of Truth

Riding The Rainbow by Genta Sebastian

Plump, clumsy Lily is miserable in fifth grade where bullies torment her on the playground and in class because she has two mothers. Across the room Clara sits still as a statue, never volunteering or raising her hand, answering only in whispers with her head down to avoid curious eyes, keeping her family’s secret that she has two fathers.

One girl with two out-loud-and proud moms, another with two in-the-closet dads. What could go wrong, right?

This book won a 2015 "Goldie" Award in the young adult category from the Golden Crown Literary Society. Add your review of "Riding The Rainbow" in comments!

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Anonymous said...

This book easily takes you back to that age group. The awkward times of trying to 'fit in.' The added stress of having a 'secret' that you can't share with anyone but your best friend. Genta blends the story so effortlessly and magically that you find yourself enjoying it and it goes by too quickly. As an adult who read this book I can heartily endorse it for anyone, not just the age group it was intended for. GREAT READ!