Friday, December 11, 2015

The Kitsune Trilogy - A YA fantasy where the two male leads crush on each other and eventually figure out their feelings are mutual

The Fox's Mask (Book One of the Kitsune Trilogy) by Anna Frost

In feudal Japan, magic is dying. As a demon hunter, Akakiba finds this problematic. The evil he’s been trained to destroy is disappearing and, along with it, the shape-shifting abilities of the clan he left behind. With his only companion, a determined young human named Yuki, Akakiba traverses the country slaying demons and performing odd jobs.

But when an army of demon possessed humans masses to exterminate his clan, Akakiba must put aside old feuds and protect his family–all while hiding an important secret from Yuki. Will they find a way to defeat the demon possessed before it’s too late? With magic dwindling, will it matter either way?

The Fox's Quest (Book Two of the Kitsune Trilogy)

Akakiba’s clan is on the verge of extinction but all hope is not lost. They’ve found a mysterious object that seems to be draining magic from the world. If they can destroy this object, they might recover what has been lost and return strength to the clan.

The problem is, they don’t know who created this object or what those mysterious individuals might do to get it back.

The Fox's God (Book Three of the Kitsune Trilogy)

In the cold north, a cult attempts to wake an old god. Akakiba, Yuki, and their friends form an alliance with the Emperor’s men to stop this cult, but both sides have reasons not to trust the other. There may be betrayal in the end, but of a kind no one had foreseen.

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