Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Dive – A Teen Girl, Dealing With Her Father's Illness, Comes Out And Begins A Relationship With Another Girl

Dive by Stacey Donovan

Virginia “V” Dunn is alone when her dog is hit by a car. Lucky’s back leg is shattered, and when she comforts him, his blood is wet on her hands. Suddenly, the monotony of V’s suburban life dissolves: Lucky is in a cast; her best friend, Eileen, is avoiding her; her mother’s drinking is getting worse; and her father is sick with a mysterious illness. Although V is surrounded by family, she is the loneliest girl in town.

As V begins to question everything—death, friendship, family, betrayal—she finds there are few easy answers. The people she thought she knew are strangers, and life’s meaning eludes her. Into this mystery walks the captivating Jane, and V soon realizes that the only way forward seems to break every rule, and go beyond all limitations.

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ivanova said...

I love love love this book! A real classic. I've been meaning to write a proper review for years now, but I am actually kind of stymied by how good it is and I don't know what to say.