Monday, February 15, 2016

My Dozen Highlights of #NY16SCBWI

What a conference!

Here are some of my conference highlights. I'd love to hear yours. Share your highlights in comments!


Rainbow Rowell talking about writing a character, and saying, "as an author, you need to find your way in." (She spoke about Agatha in Carry On, and how her key was the idea that for Agatha, magic was religion. She's born into it. But she gets to choose.) And yeah, I got to meet Rainbow Rowell. I admit, I kind of had a FanBoy moment, there...

@KimBriggs_Write captured the moment and tweeted it, with the very accurate tweet: @leewind fanboying with @rainbowrowell **heartsquee** #NY16SCBWI

Me and... Rainbow Rowell!

Linda Urban saying, "I believe that, if we write well, we can create and stretch empathy muscles for readers."

Liz Bucknell, Executive Vice President, Executive Editorial Director & Associate Publisher at Candlewick Press, speaking of the 2015 re-issue of "Heather Has Two Mommies," and how it's not had a single challenge. (When it came out the first time round, it was #9 on the ALA's most challenged books list.) After she told us of the no challenge thing, Liz said, "which is good... though for sales, challenges can be handy."

Gary Schmidt saying, "You write the book for you... you work with an editor to make it even more you."

and another Gary Schmidt moment, "We write, we write, we write to share a world that is broken and lovely... we write to serve."

Jane Yolen saying, "You are my tribe."

The LGBTQ and Allies Q&A - Thank you to Jane Yolen, Laurent Linn, Mike Curato and Michael Joosten for representing as our special guests and to all the attendees for being part of our diversity-focused tribe-within-a-tribe circle!

Michelle Parker Rock saying "Being different crosses lots of barriers... let your voices ring out!"

"There are no rules you can never break." - Liz Bicknell

"A lot of success is what your expectations are." -Mallory Loehr

11. Spending time with my community and friends - all of us passionate about writing and illustrating and editing and art directing and blogging and reviewing and publishing books and content for children and teens.

I'm so grateful for the continuing opportunity to blog for SCBWI, and to lead the remarkable SCBWI Team Blog. Shouting out to Martha Brockenbrough, Jolie Stekly, Jaime Temairik, and Don Tate. Thank you!

And thanks to you, my online community, for letting me share.


AHAviews said...

Gary Schmidt's "What aileth thee?" At the heart of the story, the seeds of empathy germinate in the reader.

maryecronin said...

I was so wishing I was there, Lee, and I loved following along on the SCBWI conference blog-- thanks to you and and all the bloggers! And this is wonderful, too. Sounds like a fantastic conference. I must go next year!

Unknown said...

Rita Williams-Garcia's "Hope is a manuscript flug far and wide" was a highlight for me, as was Gary Schmidt's "What aileth thee?"

But most of all, your enthusiasm when I said I wanted to create a blog for allies. Which I am doing. I'll be in touch.