Monday, March 28, 2016

My Little Brony - An "Unofficial" Novel About Finding The Magic of Friendship

My Little Brony by K.M. Hayes

Drew Morris doesn't just feel like an outsider in his football-crazed Texas town--he actually is. He sucks at sports, even though his dad is the high school football coach.
However, drew is spared from the bullying he expects. Instead, a girl named Skye--who constantly dons horse ears and talks about My Little Pony--becomes everyone's target. Drew feels bad for her, but he's not about to stand up and take her place. But while babysitting his younger sister one night, Drew is forced to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He finds himself actually paying attention to the show. As school drags on, lonely and bored, Drew sneaks episodes on his phone until he has watched every single one. He's even started drawing the ponies in his spare time.
As it becomes harder to keep his secret while he watches Skye get bullied for the one thing that has made him happy all year, Drew faces some important choices. Can he find the courage to confront his bullies, his friends, and his dad in order to be true to himself?

It's interesting to note that the author is a Brony themselves. Add your review of "My Little Brony" in comments!

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