Friday, March 18, 2016

The Melody of the Gears: His Brother's Keeper - Science fiction, Magic, Revolution, and a teen boy's crush on a beautiful stranger who has lost his memory

The Melody of the Gears: His Brother's Keeper by Hazel Blackthorn

Paragon City: The last bastion of humanity on a dying planet. Within its desert embrace unfold the stories of many people: The workers at a famed brothel, the fate of a queen on the run, ladies who will not be used as tools any longer, A doll with a human heart, and a strange young man who can’t remember anything but his name. With his arrival in the unchanging city, everything is about to change.

Leo is the golden boy at Club Wisp: a famed brothel and secret base of operations for the Iron Mutiny. As the people’s resistance against a tyrannical monarchy and their demon allies as well as manning Paragon City’s entertainment industry, the Iron Mutiny has their hands full. Leo’s fate— and that of the endless war they’re fighting— changes forever when a beautiful amnesiac forces him into a magical Contract and out of his comfort zone. The fabric of their reality begins to unravel. Can the Iron Mutiny survive the biggest change of all?

The author shared about the book's LGBT+ elements:
"Leo makes his sexuality clear from the beginning, and struggles with romantic feelings for Julian, the beautiful stranger who has lost his memory from the start. There is also a romance between a FtM trans man (giving the name would be a spoiler!) and a cis man, and hints of a love between Diana and Diamond at the end-- which will be a main plotline in book two! The book also deals with some other walks of life that suffer stigma and oppression in the form of sex workers, people of color, and the poor."

This book was self-published by the author. Add your review of "The Melody of the Gears: His Brother's Keeper" in comments!

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