Friday, March 11, 2016

Twitter highlights from #DBW16

Digital Book World was BIG!

Digital Book World + Expo 2016 was full of information and insights. I'm back from three whirlwind days in New York city, and put together some conference highlights from twitter to share here:

.@ricwol says readers don’t always know genres, so in marketing, speak their language, eg “6 Books to Read If You Like The Bachelor” #DBW16

Agree! When talking about increasing diversity in publishing, we need to talk about entry level salaries #DBW16

Intellectual property is expensive to make. Merchandising is cheap. Yet people are willing to pay for merch. //@page88 #DBW16

To hit a given amazon sales rank you need twice as many sales when going from zero, than if you have sustained sales #DBW16 #dataguy

My presentation from #DBW16 today: (link) Applying Startup & SEO Tactics to Book Marketing

Digital is extending storytelling beyond books: interesting take from @dubit at #DBW16 (link) – discoverability still key

This was arguably #DBW16’s defining moment: deeper analysis should be industry’s year-round goal

#DataGuy and @PublishersLunch working to align @authorearnings and industry data sources to get a better picture of overall market #DBW16

“The goodwill out there for books is really high,” -@jimhanas, on email, and tangentially, why there’s a future for this business #DBW16

Julie Trelstad at #DBW16: Authors are very creative and should do social media in their own unique way with their own unique brand/voice.

I’m in love with all #DBW16 tweets.

And some of my own tweets that really resonated:

“I believe work needs to change for men and women.” –Susan Ruszala of @NetGalley at #DBW16

"When you try to go broad, nobody feels this is for them... "It doesn't hurt to go very narrow." -@AndyHunter777 at #DBW16

"The e-book revolution was driven by women. Sorry, guys." -@draccah at #DBW16

Prediction: @profgalloway thinks @amazon will have thousands of retail stores "ecommerce is a channel not a business." #DBW16

"In our game, you win by price or experience. We're going to lean on the experience side." @BNBuzz's Fred Argir #DBW16

Caution: "Be self-promotional maybe 1 out of 10 times" @randfish at #DBW16

34,000 Isis videos on Youtube--with ads for paper towels in front of some of them. "That's how much they care." @JonathanTaplin #DBW16

"$50 billion moved from content owners to platform owners" @JonathanTaplin explains the revolution at #DBW16

"As shelf space for books shrinks, Amazon, Apple, Facebook & Google become more important." -@MikeShatzkin at #DBW16

"Focus on engagement rather than # of followers." -@JoSVolpe "If you get engagement, the #s will grow." -Ned Rust #DBW16 #LaunchKids

How can internet fandom feel intimate? Fan art is one way. @jennyhan & @RachelFersh at #LaunchKids #DBW16

Kids prefer print to digital (70%) They love to share... hard to share an ebook - @davidkleeman at #LaunchKids #DBW16

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