Monday, April 18, 2016

Charm School Graphique Vol 1 - A YA Paranormal With a Lesbian Fairy and a Vampire Biker Competing for Good Teen Witch Bunny's Affections

Charm School Graphique Vol 1. by Elizabeth Watasin

On the very edges of the unknown lies the Twilight World, where monsters and magical people wickedly meet.

Little Salem teems with hotrods, malt shops, ghouls, and devil girls. Good, teen witch Bunny has a perfectly bad girlfriend in vampire biker Dean, until a dark, and very insistent lesbian fairy comes along. Can Bunny resist Fairer Than's charms? And when she does, what will Fairer Than (and Dean), do about it?

This book was self-published by the author, whose indy comic "Charm School" was published by SLG Publishing. Elizabeth is now bringing the series back under her own label, with new illustrations and materials. 

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