Friday, May 20, 2016

Service: A Love Story - In A Boarding School, One Teen Guy Teaches Another How To Love

Service: A Love Story by David Monster

George is raised from infancy, on his Grandmother’s estate, after a drunk driver killed his parents. It is an environment of constant mourning. His Grandmother cannot recover from her only daughter’s death.
Somehow, George has become a happy, very pleasant young man, in spite of the deep, dark emptiness eternal grief has instilled in him. Love is nothing but pain and suffering, which isn’t a big problem, as he hasn’t experienced it, yet. He starts writing as a way to figure out the world. It’s his only emotional release.
Half the story is told through excerpts from his personal Journal. He is poetic and brilliant, but often way off base. The other half of the story is told through narrative – just the facts.
George is sent to a boarding school, when his Grandmother realizes that her upbringing is a “disservice”. That’s where he meets Steven, whose background is completely opposite. His family fully supports him, and easily expresses affection. He is strong, confident, kind, an outstanding wrestler, and football player. He falls in love with George, and in doing so inherits the task of teaching George how to love.
George tries to push Steven away, though, as he has convinced himself that Steven should find someone more “suitable”. Their mutual, furious, physical attraction, affection, and Steven’s heroic capacity for patience forces George into a head-on collision with the blackest fears he has worked to avoid. Steven’s muscularity and stature have also awakened fetishes in George, of which he was completely unaware... Well, not completely.

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