Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Toe Tag Riot - A Comedy/Horror Comic Series about A Rock Band Cursed To Become Zombies, So They Track Down Terrible, Homophobic People to Kill... And Two Of The "Good" Zombies Are A Lesbian Couple (and another is Bi)

Toe Tag Riot by Matt Miner, with art by Sean Von Gorman

A punk rock band that’s cursed to become zombies whenever they perform their music...

Being the ethical sometimes-zombies that they are, they go on the road in search of a cure to their affliction, using their “superpowers” to brutally and hilariously kill the scummiest people to litter this earth: racist skinheads, misogynist dudebros, and homophobic hate groups – culminating in a showdown with the Westboro Baptist Church!

All issues guest-starring Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy!

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Some alternate covers:

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QueerFudanshi said...

This sounds fantastic. I need to read it. Thank you for the heads up.

Ps. When I get to reading it I'll tell you what I think.