Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Spread The Love

Sparked by a conversation we had about the tragic anti-LGBTQ shooting in Orlando, my friends at The Reading Room put together this lovely list of 6 LGBT Books That Help Spread The Love. As they put it,

"In honor of the victims of the tragic shooting, we have made a short list of LGBT books that are truly amazing, and help spread the love."

I'm honored that they gave me such a nice shout-out as well. And I love the books they chose.

It's a great vision, to use these books to spread the love - love of self, love of each other, and love of all the wonderful colors of our LGBTQ Rainbow…

Check out the list here.

Wanna add some of your favorites to the #SpreadTheLGBTQLove list? Add them here in comments!

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