Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Drag Teen - A Gay Teen Enters A Drag Pageant To Get The Scholarship He Needs

Drag Teen by Jeffery Self

JT feels like his life's already hit a dead end at 17. Despite his dreams, it looks like he'll always be stuck in Florida. His parents aren't supportive, and his boyfriend, Seth, seems to be moving toward a bright future a long way from home. Scholarship money is nonexistent and his after-school job will only get him so far.

But there is one small hope--to become the next Miss Drag Teen in New York City. A drag pageant that comes with the full scholarship JT is looking for. Except the only other time JT tried drag (at a school talent show) he was booed off the stage. And then there's the whole issue of getting to New York from Florida to compete.

With humor, heart, and some solid friendships on his side, JT is determined to make his future happen. He, Seth, and their friend Heather take an unforgettable roadtrip to capture the crown, no matter how many feisty foes they have to face. Because when your future is on the line, you have to be in it to win it, one fraught and fabulous step at a time.
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