Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The V-Word: True Stories about First-Time Sex. "It's Your Sex-Life-Take Charge of It"

The V-Word by Amber J. Keyser

In this nonfiction book, seventeen authors change the conversation around virginity, sex, and sexuality by sharing their true stories of first-time sex. Exhilarating or disappointing, pursued or coerced, comical or beautiful, relished or regretted, gay or straight, these women share all, every intense emotion that swirls around the sexual experience. Ultimately, these stories offer up a vast world of possible experiences - sex within committed relationships and not, same-sex and opposite-sex couples, sex that was sought out and sex that involved some sort of pressure.

The book also includes a Q&A with teen librarian Kelly Jensen on how teen sex is portrayed in the media, resources for teens who want to learn more, guidelines for safer sex practices, support for girls wanting to delay sexual activity, and a resource section for parents on how to approach this topic with their child.
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