Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wanted - A Closeted Lesbian Bounty Hunter dealing with a bounty on her own head... and a nosy kid sister

Wanted by T I Alvarado

Life's dangerous enough when you work as a bounty hunter. But when you're a closeted lesbian and your nosy sister has just arrived for a visit, well, some days it might just be easier to take a bullet. That's exactly how Ladybird "Bird" Blacker is feeling, especially when her kid sister, Ruby, insists on riding along on the job. Bird's latest successful capture turns out to be the son of a powerful crime boss, and he's less than pleased at the notoriety. So, a hit has been put on Bird, and wouldn't you know it, she's familiar with the hired assassin. Intimately.

I found this Young Adult book on the amazing ALA Rainbow List of the best books with LGBTQ content for kids and teens from 2008. Anyone have a link to info on the author? Share that, and/or your review in comments!

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