Friday, November 4, 2016

The PROGRESSive Choice

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I'm really proud to be one of 1200 children's book authors and illustrators who are standing up and voting for Hillary Clinton and a congress that will work with her.

Here's a sampling of AIforC volunteers, explaining why we've all been working to spread the word:

Rebecca O'Connell #HillaryBecause... She wrote It Takes a Village twenty years ago, and it is still true.

Evelyn Coleman I am supporting AIC because I know these are folk who care about children as much as I do.

Mira Lopez I'm supporting Hillary and AIC because I know she's capable of making sure that I have the most opportunities to succeed in my future.

Gabrielle Raumberger I support the dedicated work of AIC. Their passion for creating critical mass of aligned Americans who want a world that has the best interest of our children’s future at its heart has drawn me to them. And that’s also why I'm voting for Hillary: her record for creating programs that benefit children’s well-being contributes to the greater good for all of us.

Helen Hemphill I’m voting for Hillary because she’s a listener and a learner who is grounded in facts.

Jaime Temairik I want a compassionate, intelligent, and diplomatic person as our next president, and that person is absolutely Hillary Clinton.

Maurie J. Manning I support the AIC campaign because our shared career focus puts us in a unique position to speak up with authority for what’s in the best interest of our children’s future — the calm, kind, perseverant and serious candidate for POTUS, Hillary Clinton.

Janni Lee Simner I'm the grandaughter of immigrants and the mother of an immigrant. I'm with Hillary Clinton because I'm for a country that embraces all of its families, and that makes room for those who seek refuge here as well.

Janet Wong #ImWithHer because she’s been working on behalf of children for 30+ years—and because I trust the wisdom of 1,200+ #AuthorsAndIllustrators4Clinton who are voting for Hillary, too.

Leonard Marcus I'm voting for Hilary because she knows what she's doing and because she cares about people.

Kris Vreeland I'm voting for Hillary because I believe she is the best candidate. She has supported women's rights, children's issues and human rights her entire career. Her heart is in the right place. She is also insightful and intelligent. She listens and knows how to work well with others to reach the necessary compromises without sacrificing the integrity of her goals to serve the American people.

Rebecca Gold I support the AIC campaign for Hillary because authors and illustrators who write for children, care for children. And what’s best for all children is to have a smart, dedicated and caring woman in the White House, not a bully.

Michelle Parker-Rock It's a privilege to be an AIC Board Member in support of Hillary, and I am voting for her because she is an advocate for children, women, the LGBTQ community, clean power, liberal judges, an end to racial profiling, higher minimum wages, and so much more.

Susan Raab I'm voting for Hillary because this is not a game or horse race to win -- it's simply about who we should hire to do the toughest, most complex, most critical to our lives, job we have.

Stephanie Olivieri I'm a first-generation American, and I'm supporting AIC because I'm voting for Hillary Clinton because she understands that this great country was built by immigrants and is opposed to building a wall.

April Wayland To me, Hillary Clinton is like a redwood tree—with rings of strength, of discipline, of know-how, and always a champion for children deep in her heartwood.

Bruce Balan One candidate has dedicated herself to public service, the other has dedicated himself to self-service. The choice is clear.

And here's mine:

Lee Wind I went from “anybody but rhymes-with-dump” to proudly voting for Hillary (and a congress that will work with her) because I’ve been paying attention: Hillary Clinton is brave and smart and I believe she truly cares about people besides herself and her family having rights and good lives. She’ll be a great President--if we’re brave and smart and caring enough to elect her.

If you're fortunate enough to be able to vote in this US election, please use your vote wisely!

With hope,

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