Friday, February 24, 2017

Bayard Rustin's words inspire me

With everything going on in the US right now, including the bomb threats at Jewish community centers, the anti-immigrant raids, and now this week's attack on Transgender student rights, these words from the out Gay African American Civil Rights leader are a call to action:

"If we want to do away with the injustice to gays it will not be done because we get rid of the injustice to gays. It will be done because we are forwarding the effort for the elimination of injustice to all." -Bayard Rustin, in a 1986 interview.
Bayard  Rustin in 1965

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Kay said...

Bayard's history of activism is pretty inspirational too. 13 years before Rosa Parks refused to move to the colored section of the bus and caused the Montgomery Bus Boycott, Bayard refused to move too. He was arrested and beaten up but not charged. He has been at the front of so many social justice campaigns :-)