Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Chris Tompkins' TEDx talk on "What Children Learn From The Things They Aren't Told"

Well worth watching:

A few moments that really resonated:

"My sister, not having the conversation with her kids, about her gay brother, communicates something. It communicates being uncomfortable with the conversation. Which implies that it's different. Further perpetuating guilt, shame, and the closet experience. As a gay child, this is what I picked up from my surroundings, what wasn't being talked about." - Chris Tompkins, 8:04 minutes into his 

And this

"Shame and addiction are so closely related, they don't know where one starts and the other begins."

And this one, too:

"Having open conversations with children at a young age doesn't put them at risk. Instead, it does the opposite. It keeps them from risk."

Watch Chris' whole TEDxCSULB talk here, or above: "What Children Learn From The Things They Aren't Told."

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