Wednesday, June 14, 2017

A House of Light And Stone - a young girl comes of age, crushes on another girl, deals with an abusive mother, and tries to figure out where she fits in her mixed-race family

A House of Light and Stone by E.J. Runyon

Growing up is never easy, but for young Duffy Chavez, whose childhood is anything but innocent, the journey is particularly painful.

Swimming against the tides of her troubled family as well as her own cultural identity, she struggles with the cards she has been dealt. Buoyed up by the belief of a select few, she strives to achieve the kind of self-knowledge that comes so naturally to the ‘real girls’ all around her. As gaps in the narrative begin to fill, and the truth surrounding Duffy’s birth is unearthed, her determination to succeed is rendered all the more astounding.

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