Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Honey Girl - Can Nani fit in with the girls who rule the surf beach (especially if she's falling for another girl?)

Honey Girl by Lisa Freeman

Welcome to State Beach in 1972, Santa Monica’s hottest surf spot in all of SoCal with gnarly breaks, smoking hot surfers, and even hotter girls who rule the beach.

Nani Nuuhiwa was raised on the shores of Oahu. But after her father dies of a heart attack, her mother trades in their life of aloha for the mainland — dropping Nani into the ultra-blonde world of State Beach.

Unlike in Hawaii, in California, girls don’t surf. Feeling homesick, Nani makes it her mission to do the next-best thing: join the lineup of the coolest girls on the beach, who sit like goddesses at the shoreline. But popularity comes at a price, and Nani is forced to hide a series of secrets that if revealed could ruin everything she’s worked so hard to achieve.

Nani’s beauty captures the attention of surf babe Nigel McBride making the lineup love her even more. During a party at Nigel’s Malibu estate, Nani’s status in the lineup becomes official, but her life becomes even more complicated when she realizes it’s not Nigel she’s into, it’s Rox, the leader of the lineup. But there are unwritten rules that govern this society, and liking girls is social suicide. Will Nani keep this secret to become the ultimate Honey Girl of State Beach or will she risk it all for a chance at true love?

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