Monday, September 25, 2017

I'm Interviewed on the ONE BAD MOTHER podcast!

Biz and Theresa are funny, and share so honestly about the trials and triumphs of being parents - and I'm really honored to be the featured guest on their latest episode (#222), "Flexibility Hurts plus LGBTQ Literary Archivist Lee Wind"

Check it out - it's a really cool and pretty in-depth half-hour interview in a show that's about an hour and half long.  (The interview with me starts at 47:45.)

At the end of the interview, Biz says this, which is lovely...
"We also want to make sure everybody goes to the website, it's, where they can find all the resources you've been talking about with us.  Guys, it's such a good site for finding these books for young adults and for kids, and we want to say thank you for choosing to put this together ten years ago. It's such a great source, and I think it's sorely needed." –Biz Ellis
Listen to the podcast episode here.

Thanks, Biz and Theresa!

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