Monday, November 27, 2017

Under Threat - A Lesbian Teen Has To Navigate The Hate Directed at Her Parents, Who Provide Abortions... And it May Cost Her Her Girlfriend

Under Threat by Robin Stevenson

Franny is close to her parents, adores her horse and is head over heels in love with her girlfriend, Leah. But Franny's parents are abortion providers at the local hospital, and an anonymous stranger is prepared to do whatever it takes to stop them. A stranger who phones at all hours. Who knows where they live. Who knows Franny's name. When Leah's older brother, Jake, refers to her parents as baby killers, Franny starts to wonder if perhaps the threats aren't coming from a stranger at all. If she tells the police about her suspicions, she could lose her girlfriend. But if she doesn't--and if she's right--she could lose her parents.

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