Monday, February 12, 2018

Proud Parent Moment - Teens Really Can Change The World For The Better!

So my teen and I were having dinner recently, these vegetarian chicken-style nuggets that we like, and she's reading the back of the package while I'm trying to come up with some vegetable to go with it, and she suddenly exclaims that she can't believe what she just read... And asks me if I can believe it. I tell her that if she's really upset about it, she should write to the company. So she did.

Here's her letter:

Hi Gardein Team,
My name is [held back for her privacy], and I am 14 years old. I am a big fan of your seven grain crispy tenders. As I was reading the instructions to make "After School Chick'n Parm Bites" on the back of the package, something bothered me about the language. At the very end of the recipe, it says, "Thanks mom!" This assumes that everyone has a mom, which not everyone does. Also, the title, "After School Chick'n Parm Bites," is implying that this mom is a stay-at-home mom who cooks for her kids. There are so many hidden stereotypes in the wording of this recipe. I have two dads, and I don't feel that everyone is represented in the recipe, including me. These assumptions are subtle, but I think they should be addressed. A simple solution could be to change the title to "Afternoon Chick'n Parm Bites" (not everyone goes to school), and to take out the last sentence completely. I hope you notice the problem with your packaging, and make everyone feel included.
Thank you very much.

About a week later, they responded:

Dear [held back for her privacy],
Thank you for contacting us about our gardein™ products.

We are always grateful when loyal consumers such as you take the time to communicate their experience and feedback with us. We actually recognized the statement at the end of the recipe as well and have removed 'Thanks mom!' from the latest artwork. This will be evident on the packages before the end of the year.

I'd love to send you some coupons in appreciation of being such a great fan...

Thank you again for your feedback and we hope you continue to enjoy gardein products.


WOW! And that's one way the world changes...

I'm inspired, and very proud.

Thanks for letting me share.

(and if you're commenting, please respect my awesome teen's privacy.)

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