Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Saturdays with Hitchcock - A Middle Grade Novel Where Maisie is 12, a boy named Gary has a crush on her, and Maisie's best friend Cy (another boy) has a crush on Gary!

Saturdays with Hitchcock by Ellen Wittlinger

"It's... weird to start feeling all that stuff. Don't you think?"

Twelve-year-old movie-loving Maisie is dealing with the realities of a grandparent with dementia, a mom who’s been laid off from her job, finding out that Gary Hackett like likes her, and a best friend who just confessed that, actually, he like likes Gary.

Maisie’s Uncle Walt, a Hollywood actor, provides a welcome diversion from Maisie’s problems when he comes to stay with her family. Uncle Walt has a way of pointing Maisie in the right direction. And heading to the local independent theater on Saturdays with her best friend, Cyrus, to see old films keeps Maisie grounded as she struggles with growing up, family tensions, and a love triangle she never expected.

I'm so excited about this one – Ellen has won both the Printz Honor and the Lambda Literary Award! Add your review of "Saturdays with Hitchcock" in comments!

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