Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Stormwater Drains in Canberra - A Gay Teen Aims To Be A 'Sex Pioneer' In This Global Odyssey

The Stormwater Drains in Canberra by Paul Johan Karlsen

Consumed by pubescent desires, Kurt Larsen, a resourceful Norwegian boy, wants to speed up his sexual coming of age. Taking matters in his own hands, Kurt secretly opens a mailbox at the local post office and, posing as an adult, begins to take out personal ads in porn magazines. From there, little goes according to his master plan. 'The Stormwater Drains in Canberra' is a story of friendship and loneliness, of striking the right balance between privacy and secrecy, and above all, of learning how to love. In this international coming-of-age story, the narrator, a modern-day Peer Gynt, looks back on the events that unfolded from the time he was fourteen until he turned twenty-one.
This coming of age novel received a starred review from Kirkus Reviews and was named one of their Best Books of 2016. Add your review of "The Stormwater Drains in Canberra" in comments!

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