Friday, May 11, 2018

Thanks to the Students and Faculty at Pasadena City College!

Yesterday I got to be an author for the whole morning! I presented to YA Author and Assistant Professor of English Kathy Kottaras' Children's and YA Literature class, telling the students about my journey as a blogger, writer/author and now, crowd-funded publisher.

I even got to read to them a section from the proof of my ARC for "Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill," which I got Tuesday! That was a thrill, reading the book from an actual BOOK, to a live, engaged, interested audience.
Me, doing my first actual READING!

I answered questions, and talked with them about revision, research, my book bible, and they were super-attentive and awesome throughout.
Kathy Kottaras (far left), and Me (center), with students.

And then, I got to talk with the college's Queer Alliance, joining them for their lunchtime meeting. It was so wonderful to be a guest at a group that I wish I had had when I was in college. From the moment Victor hung up the Gay Pride Rainbow Flag on the classroom door, it felt like home - a supportive, queer and allied community. My community.

I got to tell the story behind the story, read a bit from my book again, and answer questions. The hour went by so quickly! My thanks to Melissa, Mary, Victor, Crystal, and Jeff for hosting me, and to everyone who attended.

It was a great author experience, and I'm so grateful to share my story. Extra gratitude to Kathy for the invitation, and for making this happen.

The light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you,


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