Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill - The Book

“This powerful novel . . . belongs in every library that serves teens.”
—Yapha Mason, school librarian and two-time Newbery Medal judge

“A courageous novel about facing truth, both in history and in yourself.
I applaud this important book.”
—Ellen Wittlinger, author of 14 novels, including the Lambda Literary Award– and Printz Honor Award–winning Hard Love

This one should get people talking! I hope this book . . . finds the large audience it deserves.”
—Brent Hartinger, author of 12 novels, including the groundbreaking Gay teen novel Geography Club


Inspired by real historical evidence that Abraham Lincoln was in love—romantic love—with another man, this debut YA novel was too controversial for traditional publishing. Crowdfunded in six days with a successful Kickstarter campaign that ultimately 182 backers supported, QUEER AS A FIVE-DOLLAR BILL asks LGBTQ teens (and everyone else), What if you knew a secret from history that could change the world?

Wyatt is 15, and nobody in his homophobic small town of Lincolnville, Oregon, knows that he’s Gay. Not even his best friend (and accidental girlfriend) Mackenzie. Then he discovers a secret from actual history: Abraham Lincoln was in love with another guy! Since everyone loves Lincoln, Wyatt’s sure that if the world knew about it, they would treat Gay people differently and it would solve everything about his life. So Wyatt outs Lincoln online, triggering a media firestorm that threatens to destroy everything he cares about—and he has to pretend more than ever that he’s straight. . . . Only then he meets Martin, who is openly Gay and who just might be the guy Wyatt’s been hoping to find.

by Lee Wind
I’m Here. I’m Queer. What The Hell Do I Read?
On sale: October 2, 2018
978-1-7322281-0-8 (Hardcover) | $25.99
978-1-7322281-1-5 (Paperback) | $13.99
978-1-7322281-2-2 (eBook) | $6.99
Ages 14 & Up

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