Friday, July 27, 2018

"Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill" Gets a Strong Review In Kirkus Reviews!

And, just in case the graphic isn't showing up (and because it's so much fun to share it!), here's that again:

“The novel’s premise is a real hook, lending Wind’s complex story a sense of gravitas beyond the personal narrative. Add to that the thorough research behind Wyatt’s discovery (and the end notes that go along with it), and readers have something with real potential to influence and educate on top of entertaining... Wyatt’s need to feel connected and accepted is palpable and genuine... A tapestry of the gay teenage experience—frayed edges repaired with earnest love and care.” —Kirkus Reviews

You can click here to read the full review of my novel on the Kirkus Reviews website.

Hurray! That's two strong and positive trade reviews!!


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KarolinaS said...

Yay you! Yay QAAFDB! And yay that I saw that I got the name of Wyatt's town wrong in my GoodReads review (and was able to fix it!