Friday, August 31, 2018

I have a new literary agent... Marietta Zacker!

Marietta Zacker, Amazing Agent

Back in March of 2015, Marietta Zacker was one of the first agents to request to be interviewed for my series on diversity (agents looking for more diversity, that is).

In the middle of the interview, she said,

“If you’re marginalized and reading this, I can assure you … I want to see your work. I know I’m not the only one and I recognize that each of us can only represent a small number of clients to begin with, but don’t let the hurdles and barriers stop you. If you have a story to tell and you do so from the heart, you will find your champions.”

I was so taken by that last line that I responded,

“I want that on a T-shirt:

‘If you have a story to tell and you do so from the heart, you will find your champions.’


About a week later, I got a package in the mail from Marietta. It was a T-shirt, with that amazing quote on the front, and the url for this blog on the back!

Here's a close up:

I'm proud, and humbled, and so excited to announce that Marietta Zacker, of the Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency,  is now MY champion. Officially.



McMarshall said...

Excellent Lee. Congrats

Cheryl said...

This is such an awesome, exciting news Lee! Many many congratulations! Celebrate it! Keep the joy! And oh, I love that she sent you the T-shirt with that quote. She sounds like a gem.

Nicole Popel said...

Congrats on your great news!

CS Perryess said...

Magnificent news -- may the connection with Marietta be fruitful for all parties.