Friday, December 21, 2018

10 Grateful Moments from 2018 and Filling the Well (I'll be back blogging on January 7, 2019)

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What a year 2018 has been... Packed with Creative Highlights, One Lowlight, and So Much Possibility Ahead!

Here's my top ten creative moments from 2018, for which I am grateful:

Successfully crowdfunding my book!

Publishing that book as my debut YA novel, “Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill”!

Getting some awesome trade and reader reviews!

Having my book named a BookLife Prize Semi-Finalist, making it one of Publishers Weekly's top five independently published middle grade and young adult titles of 2018!

Giving out over 500 copies (so far) of “Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill” to LGBTQ and Allied Teens!

Connecting with librarians at ALA's Annual Conference in New Orleans and beyond!

Launching my book here in Los Angeles and having so many friends and family be so supportive!

Leaning into the synergy of my day job at the Independent Book Publishers Association, yielding opportunities for me as an author publisher, and insights into providing better member services and benefits for our independent publisher and author publisher members.

Losing a dishonest agent (yuck! But so good to be move on from that once it was revealed!)

...and then signing with an honest and wonderful agent, Marietta Zacker of the Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency.

And throughout it all, my wonderful community was here for me. (We just passed 2.6 million page loads on this blog!)  Thank you!

Whew! So now, I'm taking a few weeks off of blogging and email, and I'll be filling the creative well, so 2019 can be engaging, fulfilling, and realize its potential!

I'll be back blogging on January 7, 2019. Until then, know that

The light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you,

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Annie Lynn said...

Hi Lee, Happy New Year. It's been a crazy, good and bad year, right? I love that you gave away 500 of your CDs to kids who you may well have made a big difference to. You seemed excited about it (so far!). I feel that way about my CD which I made when I was an assistant music teacher. I love giving this CD to foreign countries, and in school districts where I know my subject matter will find the right students in need of hearing and singing it. I get the gratified feeling you are experiencing. Come check out our music. We are doing with music what you are doing with children's literature. Be well. Peace, Annie Lynn