Monday, May 27, 2019

Tracker Hacker (Codename: Winger Series: Book 1) - A Gay Teen Spy Thriller Where the Out Hero Has a Loving Family, a Hot Boyfriend, and a Spy Organization to Save (or He'll Lose His Father)

Tracker Hacker by Jeff Adams

High school student. Hockey player. Computer whiz kid. Covert agent?

At sixteen Theo Reese is the youngest agent for Tactical Operational Support. His way with computers makes him invaluable. He designs new gadgets, helps agents (including his parents) in the field, and works to keep the TOS network safe. But when a hacker breaches the system TOS uses to track agents, Theo is put to the test like never before.

Thrust from behind the safety of his desk, Theo must go into the field to put a stop to the hack. He’s scared but resolved because one of the missing agents is his father. And just to make it more interesting, he has to keep everything a secret from his boyfriend and teammates.

Can Theo get the job done, save his dad, and make things good with his boyfriend?

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