Wednesday, February 5, 2020

A Drawing of Rainbow Families Posted to Social Media Gets 26 Year-old Yulia Tsvetkova Prosecuted for "Pornography" and Violating Russia's "Gay Propaganda" Law

Illustration reading, "Family is where love is. Support LGBT+ families.” © 2019 Yulia Tsvetkova

The drawing seems so sweet. But images of love - our LGBTQ love - and the people who create and share them are being silenced by Russia's terrible "gay propaganda" law.

There's a petition to help Yulia over at AllOut. Here's the message of it:

When Yulja heard about a same-sex couple who had to flee Russia with their two adopted children after being targeted by the authorities, she drew a picture (see above – the text reads “Family is where love is. Support LGBT+ families.”) to show her solidarity.

After she shared this and other drawings promoting inclusivity on social media, the authorities brought trumped-up charges against her for violating the Russian "gay propaganda" law and distributing pornography, fined her 50,000 rubles (around 800 USD / 722 €), and put her under house arrest. She could face up to six years in prison.

She is not the first person to be targeted under the "gay propaganda" law. But with your help, she might be the last.

If enough people speak up, the charges might be dropped – and the "gay propaganda" law abolished once and for all.

Please consider signing Yulia's petition, run in conjunction with the Moscow Community Center. And spread the word. Images of our families should be celebrated, and not used to persecute people.

The light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you,

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