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The February 2020 Lee Wind Video Newsletter

Happy February, Community!

Here's the latest...

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Hi Community, It’s February 2020

I’m Lee Wind, and this is my Video Newsletter, which is all about Updating, Informing, and hopefully Inspiring YOU.

Queer History is Everywhere!
So I was just in San Francisco at the GLBT History Museum there, and while a small space it's packed with really cool things, including Michael Cafee’s Fe Be’s Leather David, which I'd never seen before.

So in1966, this artist took a cast version of the statue of David, the famous one by Michelangelo, and he readjusted the arm - he kind of broke it at the elbow, and put the thumb in the jean's pocket, he put jeans on him, and a leather jacket, and this hat, and he made him kind of this gay, cruising leather daddy kind of icon.

I thought that was so cool, how he remixed history. And evidently, the statue was in this bar in San Francisco for years, and there are copies that have been made of the Leather David that are all over the world. And it was the first time I got to see it and I got really inspired because I love that reworking of history to make it something even more relevant for our Queer community. Fe Be's Leather David. Who knew? So cool. Queer History really is Everywhere!

Lee Wind Author Update

So this month, the exciting news is a new subtitle.

So the book that's coming out in May 2021 from Zest/Lerner,

the series title is:

The book title is:

And the new subtitle is:
Discover Hidden Lives and Secret Loves

Which I think really sums it up perfectly. So, keep a look out!

Readers Say

This month I'm going to feature a review from Goodreads. Rachel A. gave Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill 5 stars, writing:

Lee Wind’s clear writing and propulsive plot swoop us along on Wyatt’s journey as he navigates the flame wars, the anger of his parents, the bullying of his classmates and his feelings towards his new crush, Martin. I love the journey, I love the drama, I love the historical details and the sad, mysterious librarian. The journey is perilous, but the ending is creative and hopeful. One young boy makes a difference to himself, to his family and to his community. Well done.

Thanks, Rachel. It's always so gratifying to hear from readers that really got the book. And that it resonated with them, and that they're willing to share that with others to help spread the word.


So it's February, which means that I'm going to be on my way to New York City, for the SCBWI Winter Conference [Feb 7, 8, 9]. It's always a wonderful experience. I'll be blogging it once again, and hosting the LGBTQ Q&A which is a social sort of space safe gathering of the community within the larger community, and I can't wait!


Also, In March, I'm going to be in Arizona, in Phoenix, [March 21] at something called “Indie Author Spring Training” which is a new conference, and they asked me to be on faculty, and I'm looking forward to that.

So if I'm going to see you there, in New York or in Arizona, say "Hi!"

Reading In, Writing Out

This month I’m listening to the audiobook of “Infinity Son” by Adam Silvera…
It's the beginning of a new series, it's a fantasy.
Gritty New York City, a magical world where some people have powers - not everybody - and there are superheroes and there are supervillians, and there's two brothers who are swept up into the conflict – and one of them is gay! And I'm having a great time with it.


This month, the thing that is most inspiring to me is my friend Karol Ruth Silverstein’s book "Cursed" won the Schneider Family Book Award [for the best book for teens about the disability experience] from the American Library Association.

This is a HUGE deal, and it couldn't happen to a lovelier person or a better writer. The book is amazing, and now so many more people will get to read it.

Karol's story of hard work and perseverance, and her taking her own really challenging, painful onset of a disease in her childhood, as a teen, and her reworking it into this amazing #OwnVoices story that will touch so many hearts and impact so many people for the good... I just couldn't be happier for her.

Yay, Karol! And that's inspiration.

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Until then, the light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you.


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