Wednesday, March 25, 2020

My First TikTok Video Celebrates the Love Between Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Fry Speed!

Hi Everyone,

First, I hope you and yours are well.

Second, I'm excited to share this!

@leewind What if you knew a secret from history that could change the world? Abraham Lincoln & Joshua Fry Spped! ##queer ##historybuff
♬ Boys - Lizzo

Of course, if you're curious about Abraham and Joshua, and all the historical evidence that they were in love, you can check out my award-winning YA novel, Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill.

It's all about a teen today discovering this secret from history... and deciding to use it to change the world. It's available in eBook and digital audio, as well as print editions.

Stay Safe,

p.s. Giant thanks to my husband and our teen daughter for their help pulling this off!

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KarolinaS said...

This is crazy-awesome! And could I love Lizzo more? (Answer - no.)