Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Man Up - A High School Senior on the Baseball Team is Outed as Gay and Has To, Well, "Man Up"

Man Up by Kim Oclon

With David’s final baseball season starting and college plans still up on the air, he begins senior year on edge. But when his baseball coach wants to know if David is gay, he is left speechless. No one was supposed to notice the hallway glances at Tyler, a star on the boys track team, or their rides home together. In a school where his friends are turning their backs on him, he finds a new set of allies, that he didn’t know roamed the high school halls. Although he was forced out of the closet before he thought he was ready, what happens next is up to him. David can either cower in the corner or man up.

Bonus points to the author for, as a high school teacher, founding her school's first Gay-Straight Alliance. 

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