Friday, May 8, 2020

Want to Be An Ally to the Disability Community? First Step, Let's Listen To Them and Respect How They Identify

I do want to be an ally, and to empower allyship across and amongst queer and other marginalized identities.

My friend Karol (author of the amazing Schneider Family Book Award-winning YA novel Cursed) and I recently discussed this, and she shared this article by Ryan Theodosia with me, How person-first language isolates disabled people.

I was really struck by this line,

"When deciding how to treat disabled people, the disabled people’s opinions should always outweigh those of able-bodied people."

Yes. That makes total sense.

And wanting to do the right thing and having the information to actually do the right thing are distinct. I've used the phrase "people with disabilities" before, not knowing any of this. I won't use that expression going forward, to respect my disabled friends and their community.

I encourage you to read the full piece here.

The light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you,

Stay safe,

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KarolinaS said...

Thank you for bringing this conversation to your large and lovely readership Lee! You're the best!!