Friday, June 5, 2020

A Reminder of What Leadership Looks Like and Feels Like: Barack Obama's article: "How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change"

If you haven't yet read this piece,
How to Make this Moment the Turning Point for Real Change
by our last President on Medium yet, do so now.

The article includes these highlights:
“So the bottom line is this: if we want to bring about real change, then the choice isn’t between protest and politics. We have to do both. We have to mobilize to raise awareness, and we have to organize and cast our ballots to make sure that we elect candidates who will act on reform.”
“And if you’re interested in taking concrete action, we’ve also created a dedicated site at the Obama Foundation to aggregate and direct you to useful resources and organizations who’ve been fighting the good fight at the local and national levels for years.”

“...watching the heightened activism of young people in recent weeks, of every race and every station, makes me hopeful. If, going forward, we can channel our justifiable anger into peaceful, sustained, and effective action, then this moment can be a real turning point in our nation’s long journey to live up to our highest ideals.”

Inspiring, hopeful, and reminding us that people in positions of power can both care and help direct our collective energy toward creating lasting change and impact: Oh, hey! That's called leadership.

Thank you, Barack!

The light in me recognizes and acknowledges the light in you,

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